Woodland owners take shelter

Woodland owners in the UK can bask in the shelter of their woodlands during the milder months, but when it comes to the winter, trees won't provide adequate protection. If woodland owners spend hours in their woodlands all year long, they need a woodland shelter which is a bit more watertight and cosy, to truly make the most of their woodland, all year round, whatever the weather.

But how do you add a practical shelter without hindering the natural beauty of UK woodlands?  There are many ways you can build your own woodland shelter, depending on how handy you are and the resources you have to hand. But if you don't have the time or inclination to build your own woodland shelter, having a shelter
delivered and built for you is a good option.

Alfresco Arch based in Lincoln design and build arc shaped, timber shelters, which blend beautifully into woodland settings. Suppliers of rural organisations such as the National Trust, Wildlife Trust and Countryside Alliance, Alfresco Arch provide a practical yet elegant shelter for UK woodland owners to enjoy.
'...don't be fooled by the beauty of these arcs; beneath the smooth curves and natural
timber, lies a strong metal skeleton.'
The arc can be bespoke or you can choose from a small, medium or large Bird Hide. Each has a timber end containing small viewing windows, which open and close. Each window can be placed at the desired height to accommodate disabled access and children. Many hours can be spent watching the surrounding wildlife, hidden away, with a window to the natural world. Woodland owners can even camp out in their bird hide, store tools and just use the arc to relax, in their hideaway, looking out to the trees, framed by the elegant arches. But don't be fooled by the beauty of these arcs; beneath the smooth curves and natural
timber, lies a strong metal skeleton. The aluminium core within the patented pre-tensile arches provides robust protection from the UK's weather, and let's face it, the UK climate is becoming increasingly temperate and unpredictable! Alfresco Arch feel so confident in the strength of their arcs, they provide a standard 10 year warranty with each bird hide.

Bird Hide arcs start at just £2,556, which includes build on site. Each one is delivered and hand built, requiring very little surface preparation. Mark Panton, Design Director for Alfresco Arch said, "Most woodland owners sit their arcs straight on  the woodland floor, or just lay a bit of bark chip down. The floor doesn't have to be perfectly flat either, which means that you can avoid disturbing the landscape."

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