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UK schools - the growing trend of outdoor learning

The days of being sat in a stuffy classroom all day are long behind us. Today schools are obligated to include a minimum amount of outdoor play and learning outdoors. This has seen the emergence in unique outdoor learning areas.

The classroom arc provides a beautiful, unique outdoor classroom for UK schools. Insulated for all year round use, schools and other organisations such as the National trust, have welcomed these innovative outdoors classrooms.

One of our first customers to buy our outdoor classroom was Renfrew High School in Scotland. They needed an outdoor classroom for their eco garden. On a tight budget, the school opted for a classroom arc without insulation and with canvas ends.

The children enjoyed building their own outdoor classroom, benefiting from hands on experience in woodwork and construction. They also felt a strong ownership of their outdoor learning space after they had worked as a team to build it themselves.

Once the classroom arc was ready for use, the chil…