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A Graceful Solution

Do you want a beautiful structure built on uneven ground?
Are you building on flood risk land?These wooden arcs stand proudly on a raised platform, making uneven land a forgotten concern. The platform can be up to 8ft high, which is also handy for those in flood risk areas. The strong, galvanised steel struts support the arc and straddle uneven, sloping surfaces, making levelling and digging out a thing of the past. This saves planning obstacles, disturbance of protected sites and a great deal of money otherwise spend on groundwork. Those sites at risk from flooding can make the most of the 8ft clearance from ground level, which can make all the difference in our ever threatening climate. These arcs are ideal for garden office space, glamping accommodation, tree houses, play  houses and garden studios.

The arcs:
Are fully insulated
100% waterproof
Have been tested on Scottish wind farms for resilience
Have a 10 year guarantee
Arrive flat pack
Are assembled on site by expert craftsmen