Friday, 11 November 2016

Aid Arc success at Aidex 2016

The Aid Arc provides a strong, rigid shelter, to keep families warm, dry and safe in the most inhospitable environments. Quick and easy to build, the Aid Arc empowers people to build their own shelter and progressively transform it into their long term home.

The Aid Arc is the latest innovation by UK company, Alfresco Arch. Their established range of arc shaped structures include animal shelters, vehicle arcs and classroom arcs dotted throughout the UK and beyond. Mark Panton, Design Director at Alfresco Arch said, “It was a natural progression for us to develop a structure for the aid sector. Our structures are strong, mobile and easy to build and we knew we could help those who needed shelter.”

The company's patented tensile arches provide a strong frame for the structure. The arc shape itself allows rain and snow to run off rather than build up. The wind rolls over the Arc rather than hitting it flat on and the structure has extreme seismic resilience.

The Aid Arc is designed to be a multi-purpose, transformational structure. Families can take pride in building their own Aid Arc using locally sourced materials and then over time, easily improve their Arc. Mark Panton said, “I look forward to training aid workers face to face so that they in turn can train communities to build their own Arcs. Most materials can be sourced locally while the other vital components will be quickly transported to sites.” The Aid Arc takes 30 man hours to build and, it's 100% waterproof membrane, means that it can sit on varied terrain without the need for foundations.

The Aid Arc was unveiled at Aidex, Brussels 2016, receiving a huge amount of interest from delegates at the expo. Mark continues, "We are now working on supplying various charities and organisations who need a stronger, more permanent shelter for those in need.Tents are temporary, the Aid Arc provides a long term solution"

Monday, 16 May 2016

National Trust Install Classroom Arc for Outdoor Learning

The National Trust, New Forest site have now completed the installation of their first Classroom Arc.

The Arc provides the only permanent shelter in an otherwise exposed heathland site. It will be used for class room study, be decorated with Foxbury interpretation (wildlife, management work etc.) shelter during wet/windy weather for our events programme and a place for our volunteers/staff to have a break in the winter months.

Why an Arc?

The team chose the Classroom Arc because of its rustic and attractive appearance, which complemented the
surrounding woodland it sits in at the Foxbury site. Jacob White, Community Range for the National Trust said: “We chose the Arc for three main reasons: Firstly, the aesthetics of the building fit perfectly into the
surrounding woodland, with wooden facing and a natural looking shape to the building – the Arc also mimics the shape of the dens children can build nearby. Secondly, the bespoke nature of the build means that the Arc could be made to meet our requirements easily, including electrics, lighting, branded window covers and secure walls. Lastly, we chose the Arc due to the fact that the National Trust, and other conservation charities, have used Alfresco Arch on numerous occasions with great success, so we knew we were in safe hands!"

The spec.

The Classroom Arc measures  6m long x 3.3m wide x 3m high from ground level. 20mm thick pine cladding provides beauty and strength, while the aerated foil insulation helps to provide a cosy environment in the arc. Ten curved roof windows flood the arc with natural light providing an ideal learning environment and workspace. The National Trust leaf emblem is featured on every insulated window blind, which can be branded as required.

Inside the arc there sits ten wooden benches, providing ample seating space. For the winter months the arc comes equipped with efficient LED light strips which easily run off a solar panel or car battery.  A panel heater can also be run via a generator or hook up to the mains.

The verdict

Jacob continues: “ Now the Arc is up, myself, my team and our conservation volunteers could not be happier with the finished result, it will get its first use in June when a school group visit Foxbury to undertake some fieldwork. Thank you to Mark and his team for a great product!”

If you need a beautiful and hassle free work space outdoors, call Mark Panton on 07860 250 212 or find more details on the Classroom Arc on our website.