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New - Easy Move Glamping Arc for Savvy Land Owners

Land owners have the potential to make a healthy profit during the summer months with the new 'Easy Move Glamping Arc'. 
Easy come easy go It has the same look and functionality of the Touring Arc but without the chassis. But don't concern yourself with planning permission headaches, it should be a breeze due to the fact that this model can be disassembled and stored quickly and easily at the end of the season. With a maximum weight of 100 kilos per component, it is an easy, two man job at the end of the season.
1 - Remove the cladding
2 - Detach living area (shell) and carry away
3 - The deck is in two halves so can be carried away.
If you want to leave it up all winter, then that's not a problem. The Arc is insulated and wind resistant, with its attractive Arc allowing the wind to roll over it rather than hit it.

Outdoor Space The Easy Move offers the biggest covered porch out of the Alfresco range. Measuring 1.8m long and 2.4 m wide, plenty of space for muddy boots…