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Crowders Garden Centre Now Offer Arcs

The long standing and prestigious garden centre, Crowders have jumped at the chance to offer their customers Picnic Arcs.

The beautiful Picnic Arcs have been popular with UK campsites wanting to offer their customers shelter for picnics and BBQs. There is now a demand from home owners in the UK who want a little Arc beauty to take home with them. Mark Panton, Director of Pan Products said; "People immediately fall in love with our Arcs and with the unforgiving UK weather as it is, they come in really handy for the summer BBQ season"

Crowders have spotted the potential and the Picnic Arc is now an attractive addition to their outdoor area at their centre in Horncastle. The Picnic Arc measures 10.5ft Wide x 10ft Long and easily accommodates chairs, table and BBQ. They are a garden shelter with a difference:

* Low maintenance
* Long life span - quality pressure treated timber with 10 year life span
* Beautiful architecture
* No planning permission required
* Withstand up to 80mph wi…